Pre Sales VIP

SKU: Cloud-Pre-Sales-VIP
  • Regular Price $500/month
  • 1 Year License
  • Up to 100 instances
  • Auto Support With AI
  • White label
  • 1x DevOps
  • Saas or On-premise
  • 1 Year VIP Support
  • Support System with AI
  • Cloud Billing with AI
  • Infrastructure Inventory
  • AI Cloud System to reduce cost

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Only in pre-sale 50% OFF, we offer 200 saas or on-premise licenses one year payment, one year licenses.

We want to make our first users happy, as a form of gratitude. Therefore, in addition to having VIP support, we will contact each one to listen to them, receive their feedback on their needs and problems. To be able to align them with the final product that will be launched in Q4 2019.

Reduce operating costs and cloud infrastructure with VisualStack AI our artificial intelligence system that works 7×24 for your company. Our all in one platform is a secure multi-cloud management with artificial intelligence that gradually learns from its infrastructure. In learning mode it proposes changes that increase performance, increase uptime (SLA) or reduce costs. At the same time it includes a reporting system, billing, inventory, tickets and monitoring all associated with your AI.
VisualStack AI can auto manage tickets, applying solutions to problems that occur in your cloud infrastructure. In case of not being able to solve it, scale the tickets to an operator as set or to us if you have a VIP support package.

Remember that our goal is to have happy customers, by offering them a solution and they can recommend us!

Official Release Q4 2019

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