VisualStack has developed the innovative cloud infrastructure system powered by artificial intelligence that offers several advantages over the regular cloud-based services. During the first few hours of their MVP sale, more than 10 thousand people registered and they sold 1000 licenses for the software. The Beta release will offer 2000 licenses and the Pre-Sales VIP will have only 500 licenses for purchase. In both cases, the users will have to make a one-time purchase to get the license for life, feature only available for pre-sale licenses.

Artificial Intelligence powering VisualStack cloud system:

The use of Artificial Intelligence allows VisualStack to learn about processes and resources that are consumed to either suggest improvements or process them automatically. This, in turn, improves the uptime gradually, leading to better savings and efficiency for the company. The AI system not only improves the infrastructure but also solves the problems, which leads to fewer technical glitches and less staff requirement for maintenance. In case the AI is not able to solve a problem, it generates an incident L1, L2 or L3 as configured. The users have the option to scale indicators towards the VisualStack ’s technical staff, at the VIP level.

Major features of VisualStack AI cloud system:

  • Saas or On-premise: The customers have the option to use only the control and management panels if they don’t want to use the cloud system.
  • Open source technology allows them to modify as per the client’s requirements.
  • Billing system: The system delivers a complete billing system for the service providers a real-time tracking system for the companies. It also reports on the costs of their clouds.
  • VisualStack cloud has an integrated monitoring system, ticket system, and inventory, which are all included in any type of license. This means the user doesn’t have to access multiple systems to control or manage their clouds or pay for any extra add-ons and licenses.

VisualStack is revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure solutions by using the advanced AI-based system that improves the efficiency of the services, resolution of incidents and reduces chances of error. The customers can take advantage of the pre-sale models, unique versions until customized as per their needs. This feature will not be available in the final version. Know more about the pre-sale models at VisualStack’s official website.

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