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We arrived to not only be a provider of infrastructure. We arrive to be YOUR solution in infrastructure problems. We are geeks apasicionados by technology and many of the problems that we solve with our app, are problems based on real needs we had. And we know that there are other and many that we do not know and that’s where we want to get to know you and provide you with our solution the tool to stop being a problem. That’s why we open this pre-sale process, which beyond raising funds for development helps us to know you, to know your concerns, your needs for which we are going to work, develop and solve!

VisualStack Team

Sebastian Alfonso
CEO - Founder
Nicolas Ventre
CTO - Co Founder
Matias Maldonado
CFO - Co Founder
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Eugenia Testagrossa
Project Manager IT
A little for fear and another for distrust hire a single license, I could try the product and add other MVP licenses. Today I do not regret it, I'm using it in projects that I coordinate and it helps the whole team from optimizing processes to lowering costs with suppliers.
Guillermo Gomis
I have a marketing company whereby I contract different cloud services based on the needs I have. With visualstack I was able to solve the problem not having to interface between suppliers and especially the control of billing in general beyond the control and reports, but also to pay cloud providers, as well as to charge my clients.
Pablo Bussolini
IT Manager
I buy MVP license for the sake of trying it, I love trying new solutions and systems. I got a big surprise when using it and with the treatment of the VisualStack team. When I wanted to add new MVP licenses, they were all sold.
And even then the team gave me more licenses so that I can continue implementing and using their product only the first month improved a point of uptime, of a critical service for us. Reduced costs by 23%.
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