We build management cloud software to help companies
to manage their infrastructure cloud

Main Features

Auto Support wih AI

VisualStack AI, unifying and facilitating the operation with a single interface simplify management multi cloud.
VisualStack AI can auto manage tickets, applying solutions to problems that occur in your cloud infrastructure.
Our system is based on opensource technology


We offer All In One Solution a complete and automated reports & billing system.
For companies, we aid with a tracking and report system to known at real-time rates and costs of your clouds.

But we sure have it available.


VisualStack has an integrated monitoring, ticket and inventory system included in every license. You’ll not need to access three different systems to control or manage infrastructure cloud, everything is possible and easily managed from VisualStack AI.
Without paying extra add-ons or licenses.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

VisualStack multi-cloud management system learns about the processes and resources your company consumes in cloud infrastructure and through its artificial intelligence, performs a cloud management, suggests changes in learning mode or automatically processes them. In this way the uptime is improved, gradually, which generates great savings to the company, as it has greater availability of its services / applications.

Our AI is the heart of the management cloud system, since in addition to improving the uptime of the infrastructure.
It also solves problems, which leads to fewer technical incidents that result in less staff being required for maintenance.
In case the AI can not solve the problem, it generates an incident L1, L2 or L3 as configured.
You also have the option to generate or scale indicators at VIP level, towards our technical staff.

What’s really going on

Technology disruption is at an all time high, threatening some businesses and creating opportunities for others.
Successful companies are rethinking the workplace, processes and IT infrastructure in their organizations.
Making the journey from legacy IT to modernized, future-ready IT results in digital transformation.

VisualStack is part of the revolution in management CLOUD infrastructure solutions.
Our cloud manager software together with Stacky’s AI, work 7×24 to improve processes, the use of resources, monitoring, improvement of uptime in services and resolution of incidents. In addition to delivering reports and billing. Stacky still does not listen, voice commands, but we do not rule it out…

Take advantage of pre-sale models, unique versions until customized for you!

VisualStack AI is the future of Multi Cloud Management

Pre-Order Monthly - Launch Q4 2019

$ 100
Up to 10 instances. Regular price $250/month
Includes all functions (Inventory, Billing, Monitoring, Support) with AI for self-management of intelligent support.

SaaS AI Multi Cloud Management
One Payment (Only Pre-Sales)
Pre-Sales VIP (Lifetime license)

$ 5000
Available: 100 licenses
All in One, Priority Support
Saas or On-premise licence

Lifetime license with priority support for 12 months from the official launch
One Year Licence

$ 2500
Only 100 licenses available
Saas or On-Premise, Priority VIP Support

Install, config and custom app, auto-support with AI
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